Bit Managers has been developing games since 1988.

Currently working at Bit Managers are 25 professionals. Many of us have been working in this industry for over twenty years.

We have worked on many different types of platforms:

  • 8 bits Computers (Spectrum, Amstrad, MSX)
  • 8 bits Consoles (Game Boy, NES, Master System, Game Gear, Game Boy Color)
  • 16 bits Coin-ops
  • 16 bits Consoles (Super Nintendo)
  • 32 bits Consoles (Play Station, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, PSP)
  • Next-Gen Consoles (PS3)
  • Mobiles and Smartphones

We have made many types of games:

  • Comic characters (Asterix, Smurfs, Obelix, Tintin, Spirou, Warner Bros.)
  • TV characters (Die-Maus, Hugo II, Shin chan)
  • Table games (Sea Battle)
  • Shooting games (Bang)
  • Plataform games (Asterix, Smurfs...)
  • Racing games (Radikal Bikers)
  • Action games (Turok Game Boy saga)
  • Adventure games (Sylvester & Tweety, Tintin)
  • Sports games (Ronaldo V-Football, Rafa Nadal Tennis)
  • Puzzle games (Spaceball: Revolution)
  • Coin-op conversions (Bomb Jack, Radikal Bikers)

We have implemented different types of technologies:

  • 2D (all games for Game Boy)
  • 3D tiling (Hostages, Hugo II)
  • 3D isometric (Die-Maus, Ottifanten, Sylvester & Tweety)
  • 3D using projected bitmaps (Ronaldo V-Football)
  • 3D polygons (The Light Corridor, Radikal Bikers, Spaceball: Revolution)

We have developed:

  • Conversions (Bomb Jack)
  • Other media adaptations (Asterix, Smurfs, Tintin...)
  • Adaptations (Radikal Bikers)
  • Original games (Ottifanten, Bang)

We have always

responded professionally and punctually to the ever-changing Market; this has led us to be the first developer to finish two games for Game Boy Color in Christmas of 1998 (Turok II and Silvestre & Tweety), which is when the console was first released. Needless to say, we want to maintain our level of professionalism for future platforms in order to develop even more successful titles.