Candy Crush Saga Tips That Will Give You a Delicious Success

Who would have thought that those colorful candies can give you nothing but hours of frustration and infuriation?

Candy Crush Saga may initially look scrumptious and fun, but wait until you get to the next harder level. King, the developer of this game, has scientifically engineered the game to give us the hardest time that we could possibly experience in a game. Despite the frustration it gives us, it’s still quite a surprise how we can never let go of this game. Despite the countless time that we failed a certain level, we still persevered no matter what until we successfully make it through.

Candy Crush Saga may be an undeniably nerve-wracking and patience-testing game, but it’s not impossible to pass all the levels. Follow these hints and you’ll definitely rock the candy world.

  1. Know the Special Candies By Heart

You are only given 5 lives to pass a certain level each day. Once you’ve used up your lives, you either wait for the next one to accumulate or you purchase them. With such a few attempts, you need to use wiser moves to plow through Candy Crush. Using special candies will surely get you that delicious combos and stretch your valuable lives.

Special candies come in three flavors:

  • Striped – Any time you line up four like-colored candies in a row, you instantly create striped candies. Depending on the direction of the stripes, they can either clear an entire column or row.
  • Color Bomb – Clear a line of 5 like-colored candies and you create a very powerful bomb which is the color bomb. Switching a regular candy with a color bomb instantly destroys all candies of that color on the map.
  • Wrapped – You can create wrapped candies when you match 5 like-colored gems in an L or T shape. When you activate wrapped candies, the 8 squares surrounding them are cleared.

2. Bottoms Up

Consider starting at the bottom of the screen when you’re looking for moves. The few rows at the bottom of a Candy Crush board can be feeble due to lack of fresh candies. When you match the items on the bottom, you bring down fresh candies which refresh the stagnation. More importantly, you’re more likely to have secondary cascade-matches as the rows above cascade down.

3. Try and Try Again

Just like in a line of a popular Westlife song, “Try again, never stop believing”, Candy Crush has also the same principle.

Though each of the levels in the game have certain characteristics, the color and the placement of the majority of candies on the board are created randomly each time you play the level. Use this fact to your advantage now. When you encounter a certain level for the first time, evaluate it carefully. Always be on the lookout for useful special candies, ready-made 4 or 5 candy combos and the chance to deal with obstructions. If none of these is found on your board, quit the level and restart. Another smart tip: Don’t make a move yet. Backing out of a level and restarting without making any move won’t cost you any life.

4. Get Extra Lives

Though you are only given 5 lives, did you know that you don’t have to wait until tomorrow if your lives have ran out?

Well, nothing will stop you if integrity is your virtue and you’d rather wait for your next lives to get accumulated. But you should know that you have other alternative too. Instead of waiting, you can simply cheat. Getting a new set of 5 lives is as easy as adjusting the date of your smart phone or device. You can even do it as often as you need so you would literally have endless lives.

5. How to Beat Levels

Before you can move on to the next level, it’s obvious that you need to pass the current level first. And mind you, you’ll have a roller-coaster journey in Candy Crush. One minute you’re smooth sailing on this level and the next, you’re about to throw your cellphone out of frustration.

Below are some of the most notable levels that many players have a hard time playing.

Level 17

It may not be the hardest level out there, but Level 17 is not a walk in the park either. To pass, you need to core at least 40,000 points and drop at least 4 ingredients. It may sound easy, but the fact that you have to accomplish these goals in just 20 moves is what complicates it.

With very limited moves, you have to create a thorough plan on how to attack this level. It may be hard dropping the ingredients on the periphery so you would want to start on the periphery and work your way in. You can drop the ingredients a whole lot easier if you use color bombs and four- and five-tile combos–striped candies.

Level 23

This level can be pretty tricky, with columns of meringue dominating the bottom of the map which makes it hard for you to make matches. Destroy the meringue quickly to pass this level. Once the meringue is cleared, look for any opportunity to use a combination of special candies. A combination of wrapped and striped candies will destroy the entire rows and columns.

Level 33

This is probably one of the hardest levels in Candy Crush Saga. With the odd shape of the map and only 14 moves to work with, this level can certainly keep you on the edge of your seat. The goal for this level is to clear the map of gray jelly tiles.

Though there is really no definite plan or strategy to pass the level, you just have to make sure that you’re destroying whole rows at once by creating striped candies. With a very limited number of moves, it’s imperative that you plan out each single move carefully.

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Difficult iPhone Games That Can Leave You Frustrated

Many of us turn to mobile games not just to kill time but also to get lost in the world of mobile gaming amidst the crazy hustle of everyday life. It’s an excellent way of turning a 30-minute boring commute into a dimension of fun and adventure. Whilst others switch on their TV and binge-watch on Catching Up with the Kardashians after a hard day at the office, some of us grab their mobile phones and tap on their favorite mobile game to keep their sanity.

It’s true that most games are created to bring us some entertainment but there are some that must have been created by the developers to torture humankind. These utterly difficult and frustrating games could make us question if the developers were just anti-social, but it’s quite strange that we can’t keep ourselves from playing these challenging yet equally addictive games.

Below are some of the most frustrating games that you can try on your iPhone.

  1. Duet

Price: $2.99

Beware; this game could make you smash your iPhone down out of frustration.

In the game of Duet, all you have to do is control and rotate a red and blue ball. Sound simple enough? The objective of the game may sound elementary, but the challenge comes from the fact that you must do so without touching the floating white walls all around the screen. And let me tell you, escaping those floating white walls in not an easy task. The game can enhance your control and reflex skills and you have to take into account of the two balls in every movement that you make.

There are two modes that you can play on: speed run and endless core. It may seem hard to get the hang of this simple yet exhausting game.

2. The Impossible Quiz

Price: $0.99

The Impossible Quiz really lives up to its name. There’s a no-nonsense truth to the apps tagline which says, “It’s not the ‘difficult quiz.’ It’s not the ‘really hard quiz’. It’s the Impossible Quiz!”

The game used to be a browser game but the developers also created a mobile version of this tough quiz game, making it seemingly possible to test people’s intellect everywhere and every time. Each of the questions in the quiz is not just to challenge your intellect; they were also designed to be a brainteaser.

But then nothing is impossible, so you can still rock this game only after hours of endless bewilderment and exasperation.

3. Super Hexagon

Price: $2.99

If you’re looking for a taste of fury and headache, then you better not waste time and get your hands on Super Hexagon.

In this game, you control a little triangle in the middle of a screen and get bombarded by geometric shapes, all which are missing one line. The game is over if he triangle touches a line. The game will put your control and reflexes to test and at the same time testing your patience too. You might end up so furious that you could swear to stay away from all shapes with six sides.

The game has six kind of modes, three “hyper” versions and “hexagon, hexagoner and hexagonest.” You can play it online too.

4. Ziggurat

Price: $0.99

With so many mobile games with apocalyptic theme ever created, Ziggurat is probably the most infuriating.

You control a character that stands on top of the hill but the drawback is that you can’t use move or power-ups. You are not even allowed to have multiple lives! If you think you’re awesome enough by keeping your character to stay alive longer, the game laughs you at your face and will shower you with more skilled and menacing enemies. It’s simply impossible to let down your guards for even just one second in this game. On the positive side, the weapons and controls are pretty effective.

5. Threes!

Price: $2.99

If you’re a fan of the viral website game 2046, then you must be glad to know that there’s a mobile version of this game and it comes with a new twist too.

In Threes!, you are still combining boxes but rather than doing so in a group of two, you must combine these boxes in groups of threes instead. Your goal is to combine numbers to get the largest number possible. Just like in 2046, keeping as much empty space as possible and taking advantage of corners still do their tricks.

6. The Room

Price: $0.99

After bagging the most coveted title Game of the Year in 2012, The Room is making its comeback but with way better ambient sounds, top notch graphics and ridiculously hard puzzles this time. The adventure games in iPad will draw you into a series of mind-boggling levels, making you scrutinize secret lenses and treasure chests. It may be a difficult game but it’s surprisingly addicting. You could end up playing The Room the whole night and welcome the next morning with puffy eyes and swollen arms.

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7. Traffic Wonder

Price: Free

Nothing beats playing a traffic game while being caught in traffic.

If you’re into puzzle games and are constantly commuting, Traffic Wonder is the perfect game for you. This game features cars that are trying to get from point A to B. To play, you must create paths by dragging your finger across the screen. These paths should allow the vehicles to use as little fuel as possible. It’s not just a simple route planning though; the difficulty gets more and more challenging and you must note that some cars can collide and others require more fuel.

It’s quite sad that only about 0.65 percent of all players were able to complete all levels.

While we don’t suggest these games to be played on a lazy Sunday afternoon where you want nothing but to calm your nerves for the incoming week, it’s good to try them if you want to challenge and push yourself to the limit. These games may be undeniably frustrated, but you’d get out smarter and more patient than you were yesterday.

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Mobile Games That You Can Enjoy Offline

Nothing beats the fun in playing your favorite mobile games anytime and anywhere. But sometimes, it’s a bummer that right when you’re engrossed with so much fun, you realized that you need data to be able to unlock a power up or move up to the next level. Mobile games bring us tremendous entertainment but they also make you waste money on data bundles or waste time looking for a place that has Wi-Fi service.

Gamers who are always on the move don’t have to worry anymore. Thanks to some genius developers, offline games are created to get the most out of mobile gaming. Below are some of the offline games that you can totally enjoy on your android phone even if you are in the middle of nowhere and don’t have internet service

1.Brain It On! – Physics Puzzles

If there’s a game that would put your mental skill and creativity to test, it’s definitely got to be Brain It On! This 2D physics game requires you to build simple structures using your finger in order to perform various tasks. And if you thought you’ve surpassed a hard level, wait until you move on to the next. The game only gets harder as you progress.

There’s nothing better than spending your idle time in a game that enhances your creativity and mental capacity.

2. Hill Climb Racing 2

Fans of Hill Climb Racing would be enthralled to know that their favorite hilarious and exciting game has an upgrade. Hill Climb Racing 2 takes the racing game to another level of fun with a capital F. If you loved the original game, wait until you try this version. With more cars costumes and hilly arcades to drive over, the excitement and challenge has been leveled up. And guess what? You can even do some air backflips and pray to all saints that you won’t fall and break a few bones.

3. Plants vs Zombies 2

Who did not love Plants vs Zombie? We’ve lost countless of sleepless nights fighting off those brain-eating zombies with different type of plants? Now that Plants vs Zombies 2 is finally here, fans can’t simply contain their excitement.

If you have not heard this game, it’s a type of arcade game where you use live plants to avoid zombies from invading your home and eating your brain. The game features many interesting plants such as corn missiles or launching watermelon. It also comes with exciting and hilarious new levels that will make putting down your mobile phone a seemingly hard task.

4. Six guns: Gang showdown

If you want to get the true feel of the Wild West, strap your reins very well and enjoy Six guns created by Gameloft. This third person shooter action game features the Wild West Oregon and Arizona in a land filled with bandits, cowboys and get this, scary vampires. There are 40 missions that you must complete as you race horses, take out robbers and finish off waves of enemies along the way. There are different types of weapons and weapons clothes that you can unlock that you may find helpful in your adventure.

5. Despicable Me

The minions have not only dominated our movie screens. These little fudgy creatures has also invaded the world of mobile gaming and boy, they brought with them loads of bananas and fun. In this 3D runner game, you race with the minions collecting bananas as you jump, dodge, roll or just scramble against others in fast-paced missions. Inspired by the actual movie, you also get to run through awesome locations as you upgrade to amazing costumes while using hilarious weapons and power ups. It’s also a bonus that you get to fight against villains such as Vector.

6. Asphalt 8 Airborne

This latest installment in the asphalt games combines speed, quality graphics and awesome cars. It features a combination of new stunts cars and arcades. It’s a pretty smooth game as you race against other opponents to win cash prizes that you can then use for upgrades and to also purchase new cars. One of the strongest points in the game is its one of a kind multiplayer experience.

7. Infinity Loop

This game is a perfect combination of relaxation and simplicity. The gameplay is quite simple; you simply need to connect various curved shapes to create a complete shape with no breaks. To up the intensity of the game, you can enter the dark mode where you have to break a complete shape into its individual components until each part is on its own. This is a kind of game that you can play for countless hours and yet would still find it pretty interesting. The levels become more complicated as you progress but since the game was solely created for relaxation, those hard levels are designed to be passed.

8. Shadow Fight 2

Alas, a perfect game created for action lovers out there. If you’ve always been wondering what it feels like to whip some acrobatic kicks and moves that you only get to see on kung-fu movies, this game gets you the chance to do them on real enemies but with an addition of lethal weapons. This 2D game revolves its gameplay on a character “Shadow “who lost his physical body after he tried to save his home from invaders. His existence is now as a skilled shadow warrior that needs to reclaim what he’s lost by fighting demons and their various bodyguards. You will never run out of enemies to play against as the game comes with numerous stages.

9. Minecraft Pocket Edition

This adventure game developed by Mojang allows you to make your creativity wander. The setting is an infinite virtual world where you create your own virtual world using blocky cubes. The possibilities are infinite – you can make use of the materials that are available to create your own world. The game also features a survival mode in which each block is hand cut and collected in the open world.

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Tips You Need to Know to Become a Pokémon Go Master

Since Nintendo launched Pokémon Go back in 2016, the world started to become obsessed with hunting all those pokemons. Two years after it was released, the game may not be as popular but it is way much better than it was first created. If you have not opened the game in two years, you’d be surprised at how much improvement did it go through.

If you did not catch the craze way back in 2016 and decided to try the game just now, below are some of the tips that you’d find very helpful.

Starter Guide for Pokémon Go

Items – There are many items in the game and each of them has different uses. Below are the most important ones:

  • Poké Balls:The balls are needed in catching wild pokemons. You gain Pokéballs in the beginning of the game, then there’s Super Balls and Hyper balls as you progress.
  • Potions: You get potions and animators from level five onwards because this is when you’re allowed in the arenas. You can use these items to heal your Pokémons when they are injured.
  • Smoke: You need this item in attracting wilder Pokémon. It only works for 30 minutes though so make sure that you maximize and play more effectively when you’re using smoke.
  • Razz Berries: These items are beneficial from Level 8 onwards. You can use them before throwing a ball while hunting wild Pokémon so that they do not run away as often. They are especially useful when you find a strong but unruly Pokémon.

PokéStops – You can find PokéStops everywhere on the virtual map. You gain 50 experience points and new items at these points. The variety of items gained depends what level you are in.

Arenas – Arenas are colored PokéStop-like structures that you may have noticed since you started playing the game. From Level 5 onwards, you’d find more fun in these arenas. Fight with your Pokémon and get PokéCoins and experience points, otherwise you would need real money in acquiring them.

PokéCoins – It’s the in-game currency for Pokémon Go. Use these coins to acquire special items that are hard to find. They may not be an absolutely necessary for the game but they can help you achieve your goals faster.

Teams – From Level 5 onward, you can select from a team by tapping on an arena. You have 3 choices for the team – Team Instinct, Team Valor and Team Mystic.

Effective Tips and Tricks

Below are the best practices of Pokémon masters that have ruled Pokémon GO. Follow this guide if you want to be the very best player too

1.Quickly Find Nearby Pokémon

There are now two distinct forms on how you can detect Pokémon in your immediate vicinity – nearby and sightings. Nearby shows the Pokémon hanging around the PokéStops in your vicinity while sightings shows you the Pokémon hiding anywhere close by, ready to spawn.

Tap on the white rectangular bar at the bottom right of your screen to view nearby Pokémon. They could either be all Nearby, all Sightings, or a mix of both depending on what’s in your area.

You won’t be able to find every Pokémon around you through Nearby or Sightings. While the first will only show you a random sampling on what’s near you, the latter requires you to catch a few Pokémon before it pops up the others.

If you really want to find exactly where these Pokémons are, you have to keep an eye on the green rectangle flash around the white bar that appears when you move in the direction of a Pokémon. This is an indicator that you are on the right track. Keep heading in that direction to find that Pokémon.

2. Make Use of the Commute

You can stock up on your Poké balls and other items in your Poké Stops. While you can catch Pokémon while you’re on your feet, it’s impossible to do so in Poké Stops. You have to do it within moving vehicles.

The number of Poké Stops that you will find will vary on the route that you are taking; you should be able to cash in on them even when you’re speeding fast. Just make sure that you have your phone ready and start spinning that dial before you approach

3. Get More From Your Lucky Eggs

Lucky Eggs temporarily boost your XP and it doubles in 30 minutes. Optimize your potential XP gains by using your Lucky Eggs in conjunction with Incense. These two potent combinations will make that ever-elusive Pokémon to appear for 30 minutes.

4. Gather All Items Automatically

If you want a tip on how to save your time, you should practice gathering all your items automatically. This is probably the most-efficient and easiest way of time-saving. It’s a futile effort of retrieving the items that appear at Poké Stops by physically tapping all the bubbles. It’s a complete waste of time. Just simply hit the X button and they’ll be added to your inventory. Yes, as simple and easy as that.

5. Catch ‘em All

There’s a reason why Nintendo used the tagline “Catch ’em All”. You should never miss out on every Pokémon you come across with. You have to collect them all even if you already own that type of Pokémon. Aside from receiving additional evolution candy, you can also trade that Pokémon to Professor Willow for even more candy.

6. Spend All Your Candy on One, Common Pokémon

You need candy to evolve your Pokémon and each candy is specific to the Pokémon caught. If you want to maximize the effectiveness of your catches, it’s best if you upgrade only a creature that is commonly found in your area. By doing so, you increase the likelihood of finding much more of the candy of that Pokémon type. This will make one creature particularly powerful in a shortest amount of time. Having a powerful creature will give you the edge against your opponents when fighting at gyms.

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7 Most Addictive Mobile Games

Mobile games are great alternative for people who are always on the go. They may not be as powerful as PC or console when it comes to processing and raw graphics, but the ability to play whenever and wherever you are surely outweighs the other platforms.

Our mobile phones have now become a powerful device since the launch of smartphones. They are no longer limited to texting, internet browsing or skimming through social media; our phones have now become a medium of entertainment. The world of mobile games is a highly engaging and addicting world. With so many mobile games created by different developers, you’d find yourself getting lost in the fun and excitement they bring.

Below are some of the most addicting mobile games. Warning: download them at your own risk.

1. Threes! ($2.99)

Mobile games are no longer limited to anything that has candies, farms or clans. This game genre has branched out into different little genres that cater to every gamer out there.

Games that make you think and use your analytical skills are always a great alternative. It’s not only a perfect way to kill time but it’s also an entertaining method of improving your mental skills. Threes! is your go-to game if you’re looking for something that requires you to think ultimately.

The concept of the game is pretty simple. All you have to do is smoosh together tiles with the same number without filling up the entire board. It may be easy to learn, but it’s absolutely hard to master. As soon as the round ends, you’d find it too hard to resist to not immediately start another. This masterpiece of mobile game design may have spawned lots of knock-offs and imitation, but nothing can beat the original.

2. Alto’s Adventure ($4.99)

Who would have thought that llamas and snowboarding could team up a perfect combination?

Thanks to Alto’s Adventure, the world was introduced to the realization that llamas and snowboarding should go hand in hand. There are plenty of endless runner subgenres ever created where you’re snowboarding or skiing down a mountain, and this game is a refreshing take. The game has received so many positive reviews but the most prominent one is how good the gameplay feels. It’s bizarre that a simple act of tapping to perform tricks or jump could captures the rush and freedom of being out on the powder.

And of course, who could ever resist the llamas? Those alone are already a deal-breaker.

3. You Must Build a Boat ($2.99)

Matching games have earned a reputation of being addictive.

You Must Build a Boat is a type of matching games which takes the word addicting to another level. It has a charm that makes it quite impossible to be put down. The matching is used for your keys, defense and attacks as you run through a dungeon full of treasure chest and bad guys. You unlock expansions to the vessel and meet more people for your boat’s crew as you progress in the game.

A lot of players have kept the app on their phone for a repeat run even if they have already finished the campaign. And who could ever say no to the daily challenges which unlock new looks for your companions?

4. Fire Emblem Heroes (Free)

Many gamers have waited so long for the well-loved Nintendo RPG to have a mobile version. And boy, what joy did they have when the Fire Emblem Heroes was released.

The mobile version may have been a more streamlined take on the game, but it still earned its spot on the list of highly addictive games. If there’s another world that you want to get lost in, it’s this world. There’s a tiniest chance that you won’t get hooked to this game, especially if this is your first foray into the Fire Emblem series.

5. Mini Metro ($4.99)

If public transit commute is a part of your everyday life, then you should never miss out playing Mini Metro. If you have not developed an affinity towards daily commute, then you are not alone in this world. The more reason that Mini Metro is the ultimate game for you – not only does it make you realize how difficult it is to build a functional system, but more importantly you would find this game so calming even if you’re caught in traffic for already 15 minutes. This elegant creation brings together the perfect element of frantic and peaceful.

Mini Metro allows you to build subway systems or train based on real cities around the world. You get to compete against other players on the daily challenges but the real charm of this game is how you compose yourself to remain calm despite the pressure of crowded trains and new stops appearing on the outskirts of town. The yin and yang sensation of this game makes it impossible to put down.

6. Two Dots (Free)

If you’re looking for a sequel that owned a good premise and made it even better, Two Dots is what you’re searching for. The gameplay is pretty simple – you just simply connect adjacent dots of the same color by drawing a line. The game also features additional challenges such as flower dots and electricity and fire dots.

It’s also a bonus that the game is all set to a beautifully zen soundtrack. Pretty music and interesting gameplay are a dangerous combination that makes a game addicting.

7. Swap Sword ($2.99)

Some may think that match-three games and strategy are an odd pairing but Swap Sword proves them wrong.

This game requires you to master resource management: you need to farm as many points as you can in each level before the grim specter of Death appears. What makes this game so addicting stems down from the fact that you could have avoided your death. You have to take a risk if you want to reap the reward at the end. You must put the life of your little avatar on the line if you want to bag that much coveted higher score.

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Best New Mobile Games for iOS and Android

The best kinds of games are the ones that you can conveniently play wherever you go. You may just be chilling on your bed the whole day or riding on the bus on your way to work. In our fast-paced society, we need something that is portable that we can just take with us whenever and wherever we want to. That is why mobile games have become so popular recently.

Mobile games are no longer limited to farms, candies, clans, birds or some monstrous hybrid of them all. Mobile platforms are now a home to super interesting games that can get very addictive. Just check out App Store and the Google Play for blockbuster and popular games.

2018 has been a good year for mobile games. Below are some of the best games this year has bestowed us.

1. Pokemon Go

Price: (Free)

Availability: iOS, Android

Pokemon Go reached its peak of popularity in the first few weeks of 2016. You’d find tons of people searching for their pokemons everywhere. This game was an instant massive hit, which also promotes active lifestyle aside from mobile gaming. If you were one of those few people who were not a part of this craze and has not tried the game since then, you would be glad at how much the game has improved two years forward.

Pokemon Go is more fun now than it’s ever been with its revamped gym system, the just-added friends list and Pokemon trading features, regular special events and rewarding community days, daily and weekly quests, legendary, rare, and shiny Pokemon everywhere and challenging multiplayer raids.

Though there are some features that are not well-polished, no game is as better as the one that you can play while walking around outside and getting a little sun now and then.

2. Pocket Run Pool

Price: Free

Availability:  iOS

Zach Gage is an amazing game designer. His iOS games are next-dimensional; he has a special eye of turning a traditional game into a more exciting and improved version by just adding one mechanic that totally transforms the game into a whole new light. Some of his greatest creations are Really Bad Chess and Flipflop Solitare.

Pocket Run Pool is another game released by Zach Gage this year. It’s a type of archade game that satisfies your craving for an amazing clack of pool balls, swiping to use your cue and using perfect geometry to line up shots. What elevates this game into a whole new level is that ach hole contains a different multiplier that rotates every time you sink a ball making it a game of score chasing. If you don’t want to lose one of your three lives, you must sink a ball each turn.

It may sound elementary on paper, but it’s brilliant in practice. The game is a perfect embodiment of the pressure in making risky trick shots in order to try and get every ball in the “x10” pocket.

3. Fortnite

Price: Free

Availability: iOS, Android

The mobile edition of Battle Royale is surprisingly an adept adaptation of the widely successful console and PC game. The strategies that you have learned on these platforms can easily be translated on the mobile version since it still uses the same 100-player battles and same map. There may be some flaws on the mobile game though. For instance, aside from performance issues at times, it’s also hard to see movements on a smaller screen. It does not look as good as the console and PC platforms too.

On the positive note, the mobile version has some good addition that you won’t find in the other platforms. There’s an added indicator that shows you the direction of gunfire; this is a huge help when you’re playing silently. This comes in handy if you’re playing on a crowded place with no headphones on. What’s also great is you can bring on the mobile version any purchases you have made on PC or console.

It may not be the best version of Fortnite, but the mobile version brings portability for players that are always on the go. You can get Fortnite for free now on iOS and it requires iOS 11. It works on iPhone SE, 6S, 7, 8, and X, as well as iPad Mini 4, Air 2, and Pro. It won’t work on anything older than those devices. An Android version is coming later.

4. Florence

Price: $3.99

Availability: iOS, Android

If you have a flare for a love story presented with utmost care, then Florence is the perfect game for you. It’s a direct manifestation of “action speaks louder than words”. It does not use conventional dialogue to convey the highs and lows of an intimate relationship but rather it uses interactive narrative elements and unique albeit simple puzzle mechanics. You may not find the mundane of doing the house chores of brushing of teeth exciting in the context of a video game, but it’s magical when you step into someone else’s life at a pivotal moment and witness as the events unfold for better or worse.

Aside from the beautiful artworks in the game, you can totally relate to Florence as she narrates her love story and the complexities that go with it. It’s surely an experience that should not be missed.

5. PUBG Mobile

Price: Free

Availability: iOS, Android

When PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds became extremely popular on PC, it did not come as a surprise when it transitioned to mobile platforms quite nicely. It may not have the same precision when it comes to positioning or aiming yourself during intense firefights, but the mobile version is as alive as the PC version. Transitioning to mobile version is not hard either as components such as weapons, player count, map features, and map size of the original game are all present here. PUBG is your perfect game if you want to focus on shooting rather than building towers and walls to protect yourself.

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